Thursday, June 23, 2011

Catching Up

Sorry for not posting. I've been busy. Let's catch up.

I've pitched a number of shows and we have some interest. It's "wait and see" time again.

This past weekend I received a disturbing email. A fan of BRAIN EATIN' ZOMBIE BABIES demanded that I post new episodes "or else".

"Or else"?

BRAIN EATIN' ZOMBIE BABIES was an experiment. A test bed to explore new ideas, make mistakes and learn some new things. I would have liked for it to have gone viral and earn some bucks - but it didn't do that.

BEZB's failed to find their audience. It found 'an' audience - but not the right one. I had intended it to be a funny kids show, targeting ages 12 to 14. Instead we got some very strange men in their 30's and 40's tuning in on a regular - some might say 'obsessive' basis. Very strange men.

I am going to continue to make and post new videos as things appeal to me. But the BEZB's are done.

The pitching continues. I'm expanding my focus beyond kids animation and into live action reality programming. Again, this is simply because I want to produce shows that appeal to me. Shows that I believe in, rather than, simply "product".

I'm also laying the groundwork for a new venture. It's not TV - or media - but it is directly related. And my experience in pitching and creating pitch bibles has helped greatly in the past few weeks. More details on this as things progress.