Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Hollywood Paradigm in Action

Well, I'm back. Sorry for not writing in a while. I've been busy and on top of everything else, just got back from vacation.

While sitting on the plane, I had the opportunity to check out this past summer's "Captain America". It was fun. Mindless fun - and I enjoyed it. I'll be sure to see The Avengers movie that they plugged at the end of the film.

One thing that I noticed was that "Captain America" plotline followed followed Syd Field's paradigm - see my earlier post - to an insane degree. Case in Point: When Captain America raid's Red Skull's base in Norway and frees the captured soldiers - I stopped the film and checked the timeline. It was exactly - and I mean EXACTLY 1/2 way through - to the minute. When Bucky is killed, setting of the final confrontation, it occurred precisely where the second Plot Pinch indicated it should be. You could literally set your watch by this movie. Rarely have I seen a movie that was constructed (in the editing phase) to match the paradigm this closely.

To be honest, I didn't (I should have, but didn't bother) check to see if the inciting incident that starts the second act, hit at the 20 minute mark. I'm sure it did.

So, the end result - while it isn't Shakespeare, "Captain America" is a textbook example of Syd Field's paradigm in action. And it's a fun movie, too. I'd call it a "good renter".