Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dexter's Condo - Miami Fla...

While in vacation in Florida last month, my family and I - being avid DEXTER fans, decided to find the location where they filmed the opening of the show - and the establishing shots of his condo. Using Google and Google maps - it was no problem at all. We typed the address into our trusty GPS and in no time, we were travelling down I-95 towards Miami.

We found the condo - in a working class neighborhood. Typical of where a Police blood splatter analyst might live. As we drove up to the condo, I peeked through the bushes ...

And yes - there it was - DEXTER's Condo!

The plan was to scoot onto the property - grab a few snapshots on the lawn and then beat it out of there.

See? All we had to do was go through that little walkway and we'd be in! (That's me and my son Michael preparing to visit Dexter.)

Why ain't this thing uploading more pictures? Anyhow - if you look over my left shoulder in the lower picture, you'll see a little white sign. It says, "RESIDENTS AND GUESTS ONLY. ALL OTHERS WILL BE DETAINED FOR POLICE".

My guess is that the condo's residents have had enough of sight-seers and want their privacy. They don't care if I only want to take my picture on their lawn. They have people to deal with people like me... So we grabbed our snaps through the bushes, took a couple in the parking lot and went down to South Beach with all the other tourists.

So what does any of this have to do with pitching? Simple...


When you're pitching, in an office or at a market, you're in someone else's territory. If you're new - or even if you're an old pro, and they're gracious enough to see you - don't waste their time. Or yours.

Be prepared. Be polite. Respect the rules. Say what you have to say - and get out. Make it short and sweet. By the time they say, "Well, its really great that you've brought this to us...", or "Ahem... Well, I have to get along to my next meeting. Thanks for coming in..." You've overstayed your welcome.

Be concise. Rehearse your pitch - or if you haven't rehearsed it, know exactly what you're going to say, so you're prepared going in. Again, you only get one chance to make a good first impression - and I only get one chance to show my vacation pictures. So there...


  1. Heh. You won me over at the end, there.

  2. Hey. I gotta justify myself somehow.

  3. Yeah! I agree with you there, We really need to respect all the rules specially in other places. Anyway, you seems enjoyed your visiting to Dexter condo. Thanks for sharing.


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  5. I accede with you there, We absolutely charge to account all the rules distinctively in added places. Anyway, you seems enjoyed your visiting to Dexter condo. Thanks for beach condos

  6. I can tell you it'not worth it, police were called, we were all detained for more than an hr questioned, ID's checked, a real hassle. Not worth it the residents are mad and are all very vigilant about keeping Dexter fans out. Don't bother, not worth it

  7. RE: Anonymous - At first I thought you were a resident of the Dexter Condo building - and fair enough. I'd certainly respect your privacy and not intrude. But I see that you're from Cambridge, MA - so, yeah. I'm glad that I didn't trespass. Thanks for the first hand advice.