Thursday, April 15, 2010


I've been invited to speak at the Sheridan College Animation Program Industry Day. Industry Day is when the graduates strut their stuff for industry types (hence the name) in the hopes of landing a job. Recruiters come from major studios across the continent - so its a big deal.

Me? I usually go for the free food - and to hang with my buddies - who also show up for the free food.

But this year, they've asked me to share some of my wisdom with the grads. Like what I've learned in my unconventional 30 year career. It's an informal "kick back and relax" panel after the main proceedings. Sheridan is my Alma Mater, so its kind of an honor.

So as I prepare to talk to the grads and other people from the industry, I have to ask myself, "What have I learned?"

There are a couple of key things. Life lessons to take with them on their journeys. The shit they don't teach in school.

Number One - and the most important thing that I ever learned:


Carve that in stone. Thank you William Goldman. This is the greatest truth in our business or any other business for that matter. Don't believe me? You think that big business movers and shakers know what they're doing? How soon we forget about the Subprime Mortgage Meltdowns. I'll talk about this in greater length at Sheridan - what it means to you - and how it works to your advantage.

Number Two -


There will always be good times. There will always be bad times. And I'll talk more about this at Sheridan.

That is - if I can get a word in edgewise on the panel.


  1. I'm actually starting to believe that now I'm in my last year in school. Who'd a thunk that man was infallible?

  2. Hey Steve,

    Found your blog through Mark, looking forward to hear you speak at Industry day!

  3. Keep in mind that back in the day, I was asked to leave the program 3 times - "for the good of the industry".