Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The One That Got Away

I think that in everyone's career, there is "the one that got away". For me, it's this project - EGYPT SIDE ROAD. ESR was the spiritual offshoot of "The Suspect" series of shorts that I'd developed for Freaky Stories. It is a brassy sci-fi film-noir; detectives, femme fatales, psycho killers, flying cars, robots, jet-packs.

Each bible (8 1/2" X 14" - glossy, double sided, heavyweight stock) was custom bound with self-locking nuts and bolts to convey the "machine age" design esthetic of the project. I also created a series of Petty Girl inspired pin-up cels - all hand painted - most of which disappeared into the private collections of various broadcast and distribution executives.

Everyone - and I mean EVERYONE loved the project. If anything, EGYPT SIDE ROAD was ahead of its time. It was almost resurrected a couple of years ago - the broadcaster loved the art, design style and the pilot script - but opted for a mindless kiddie cartoon in its place.

The project is far from dead and forgotten. It's on my schedule - 3rd in line after my current show. Here's the pitch bible - deliberately small and blurry. Have a look...

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