Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Freaky Stories - Pitch Art

As I CONTINUE to dig around for that original pitch, I've unearthed some of the pitch art that sold the show in the first place.

This first example is from "The Hook" - a short 5 minute animatic that I produced in my studio. It was shot in 35mm with a lot of in camera effects; matting, multiple back-lit runs. There were stars in the background, demonic red glowing eyes on the killer, glowing white teeth - and the hook itself glinting in the moonlight. The short is what really sold the series - the broadcaster knew that I knew what I was doing. They insisted though, that the series be much lighter on the blood and gore as shown in the short. Not that we really showed anything - but we implied a whole lot.

Airbrushed watercolour painting from the story "Spiders in the Hairdo". It's a nice painting, but I'm glad that I had the brains to allow artist Glen Hanson full artistic rein when he designed the actual animation for the pilot. He did a brilliant job. Knowing when to step back and allow the experts to do their thing is key. Micromanaging only goes so far - and animation is a collaborative effort.

Airbrushed watercolour painting for "The Dog From Mexico".

The paintings and the video animatic were key to selling the series. More to come as I continue to dig...

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