Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here are some grabs from the "Weird Oh's" bible. Weird Oh's wasn't a great series. Scratch that. It wasn't even a good series, but the bible was nicely done.

I don't care for the character designs but the layout, bible format and binding were great. The character designs were based on the model kits of the same name - which were fun, but ugly in a way that appeals to nine-year-olds. There was some nice nostalgia to it, but that didn't carry across to the show.

From Wikipedia: Weird-Oh's was a short lived computer animated series that aired on Fox Family during the late 90s. It starred a cast of deformed characters and their misadventures in Weirdsville, a place just off Route 66. Among the cast of characters were 3 main characters named Digger, Eddie and Portia. It featured a beginning sequence where the characters would be seen racing (similar to the product the series was based on of the same name). Only 13 episodes of the series were ever produced.

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