Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Animaniacs Pitch Bible

This is the complete Pitch Bible for Steven Spielberg's Animaniacs that ran on Fox Kids and then The WB for five seasons starting in 1993.

(I scooped the link from - in all fairness, I have to credit my sources. Check 'em out. It's a good site.)

Okay. So how does this bible differ from what you or I are doing?

Well, cost aside - let's assume that since its Warner Bros and Steven Spielberg - that this bible cost in excess of $100,000 to produce and that it used the creative talents of a battalion of writers -- nothing.

It tells the who, what, when, where, why and how of the show. At 37 pages - THIRTY SEVEN PAGES??? - it goes into a lot more detail than you'd usually see (or want) in a pitch bible. (I suspect that its really the Writers Bible/Guide - there's no art and far too much detail for a pitch.) My suspicion is that all Steven Spielberg has to do is enter the room, smile and the show is sold. Anyhow, it's interesting and well worth a look.


  1. That pitch tells you everything about the characters and it species what their roles are. Really freakin cool. I saw a pitch bible for Fosters Home and it wasn't nearly as detailed as this was.

  2. This isn't a bible that you'd use in a Pitch. This is a bible that would be commissioned AFTER you've got a development deal as a guide for the writers.

  3. How do you flip through the pages? Am I missing something, or is it just impossible. Please help.

    - Tiffany Elliott
    of Tiffany Richards Elliott's "The Writer's Blog."

  4. Hi Tiffany,
    Do you see the hyperlink that says "Steven Spielberg's Animaniacs"? It's in blue. Click on that.

    It will take you to the next page - the title page of the Animaniac's bible. At the bottom of the page are three words: Back/Index/Next. Click wherever you want to go and... voila!

  5. Yeeps. They removed the Animaniacs Pitch Bible from their site. Sadly - because I kept it only as a link, I didn't make a copy. Live and learn.

  6. Yaay - I've not only found another link - I've archived the bible. If the link goes down again, I'll post the entire thing here. In the meantime, I prefer to direct traffic to the original source site.