Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How Do You Know If Your Pitch Bible Is Any Good?

If it sells....

The broadcaster LOVES the Pitch Bible for my latest show. Absolutely LOVES IT.

We've (my team and I) spent most of the weekend working out a rough budget for the series. It goes to the broadcaster - as I figure it, right about now...

And there's nothing I can do. It's out of my hands. They 'get' the creative and now the million (behind the scenes) things that I haven't thought of - and have no control over, come into play:
  • What's out there on the market, similar to my show? Well, we know there's nothing like it - or the broadcaster would have told us by now.
  • Is our budget too high? Nope. We're confident that we're within the price threshold that they can afford.
  • How's the market? It's been tight - but the broadcasters have to start spending money on new programming. Otherwise they'll get stale - and the other guys will have the exciting new shows.
So, here I sit waiting. My agent tells me that it might take a couple of weeks before we hear any news. That doesn't make life any easier...

JUST SO YOU KNOW - Although things are starting to buzz (show-wise), we're still taking Pitch Bible commissions. If you're interested in having a Pitch Bible that sells, get in contact with me sooner - rather than later!


  1. Good luck! Hope you get what you want out of the deal.

  2. Thanks, Chaz! What I really want right now is to have a TV show in production.

  3. Update: Steve here. Thought I'd bring you up to date about the show. Its presently sitting in "Development Hell" meaning that it's on a shelf and probably going nowhere.

    The rights are going to revert to me at some time in the next few months. I may shoot some webisodes and put it to establish it as an intellectual property.

    That - is the reality of the biz. You do your best and you take every day as it comes.