Monday, August 30, 2010


So against my better judgment, I'm involved in a couple of internet discussion groups.
Why do I do this...? Never mind.

In one of the recent online topics, they discuss how to pitch a show and the various options available to them. Should they make a pilot? Should they mortgage their homes and just make the whole series? (I know someone who did this. Don't do this.)

I suggested that they build their brands online, as I'm doing with Brain Eatin' Zombie Babies.
While they've pointed to successful online producers such as Shane Dawson, nobody in the animation community seems to 'get it'. You must create a constant flow of content in order to build a brand. Viewers need a reason to revisit your site. And they must revisit it often. If you can only put up a new video sporadically, then you're not going to get a critical mass of viewers.

My guess is that it's nearly impossible to do that in animation because of the cost. If you're on a budget (and who in the 'independent world' isn't?) then you're probably doing it yourself - while you're working that day-job.

As you know, I've gone the puppet-route for my latest project. My feeling is Creative = Creative no matter what the medium. For the life of me, I can't understand animation purists - "If it ain't Disney (Pixar, Dreamworks, Anime... the list goes on) it's crap!" My feeling is that whatever best conveys your idea is what you should go with.

Check out the clip posted above. It's great. Watch the whole thing - then come back. Don't worry. I'll wait for ya...

(whistles... files nails...)

Okay. What did you see? A street performer. A Busker.
The guy earns his living by performing in the streets.
The thing that separates him from the other Buskers is that he's performing (brilliantly) in a medium that we don't see all that often in street performances. He's a puppeteer. And a damned good one. People don't usually see puppeteers - and it catches their attention.

That's we should all be striving for in our pitch bibles - A) Quality and A) Uniqueness.

Yes, I've mentioned "A" twice - because those two elements are of equal importance if you want to sell a show. Give them something they haven't seen before - and do it brilliantly! Add volume - as in a large number of episodes and you have the magic combination of success in any aspect of showbiz - whether it be pitching bibles or in live/online performances.


  1. Another busker with the A,A elements - the 'Saw Lady' in NYC:

  2. ...needs more cowbell...

    KIDDING! I was just kidding! You're right. She's very good - and unique. THAT's the ticket!