Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Savoring the moment...

I've worked on some projects that have gone big (Freaky Stories, Atomic Betty, Magic School Bus), some projects that have died on the table (Rocket Rodents, The Seven, Buzz & Dewey) and a bunch of stuff in between.

The one thing they have in common is that special point in time, where people just don't get it. Its the early stage where they think you're crazy. I love that point in time - its the pugnacious, "I'll show them!" attitude that really gets the creative juices flowing. And its amazing how fast you can go from "Zero" to "Hero".

Those who remember Freaky Stories, remember it as a good, smart show. I still get emails every week from strangers asking about it. But in my mind Freaky brings back bitter-sweet memories where everyone said that I was completely out of my head. And I heard that from a lot of people.

With my feature, "PUBIC LICE: The Motion Picture" - There was a tipping point, where it went from a crazy idea in my mind - and turned into a real tangible motion picture. That fact that it hasn't found a distributor is irrelevant. PUBIC LICE went from an idea to become a physical product.

And now, with BRAIN EATIN' ZOMBIE BABIES - I'm at that same wonderful place. We've got a few micro-episodes out there on YouTube. We've had about 1500 hits so far. Not viral by any means, but people seem to like it. All it needs, is to be discovered. But what I really like, are the naysayers. The people who don't believe in it. The ones who don't get it. Maybe ZOMBIE BABIES will take some time to build, but it will - and today's naysayers will be its biggest fans tomorrow.


  1. Thought you'd find this interesting. "Fred" a youtube character made up by a 16 year old is getting his own movie.
    I personally find his videos irritating, but whatever. Anyway, who knows - maybe Zombie Babies can be next?

  2. I don't think that Zombie Babies will be "next". I anticipate a long slow "build" for the property. Realistically speaking, it'll probably take years to get it where I want it - but that's the plan.
    In the real world, "overnight success" happens to the other guy, like Fred's creator. For people like me, it's "30 year - overnight success". But, that's the game - so you have to play it.

  3. Yeesh. That "Fred" stuff is annoying. Well, in a world where the "Jersey Shore" crew are newsworthy STARS - I guess there's room for everything.
    (Steve Schnier - from his Zombie Babies account)