Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So Lemme Ask Ya...

It's not every day that a colossal egotist like "Moi" asks for advice... But what the heck, I give enough of it, so why not?

As you know, I'm developing a new web-based (or as the kids call it, "Transmedia") property entitled BRAIN EATIN' ZOMBIE BABIES. I've got seven episodes online with more coming shortly.

I've followed my own advice (See my earlier post "Guerilla Marketing 101") and have contacted the usual media outlets (stuff is pending). I've crafted a custom ZOMBIE BABIES video to appeal to the owners of a hugely popular site, in the hopes of getting a link + the accompanying spike in hits to my YouTube Channel. We're submitting it for consideration next week.

On the community level, we're sponsors of the TORONTO ZOMBIE WALK, taking place on October 23rd, with links on their site and Facebook pages. I'm also having several hundred really cool ZOMBIE BABIES pins made up to give away at the event.

SO HERE'S THE QUESTION: Despite all my hard efforts, I've only got about 2,500 hits on my YouTube Channel. I need hundreds of thousands. How can I build traffic more successfully?
Any suggestions?



  1. I would say word of mouth. Like this bloggy blog here is a good start. Then invite friends and subscribers on youtube to check your stuff out. facebook, tweet, myspace the hell out of yourself. And maybe even just start spamming as many random websites and people as you can think of. :) Even if you get hate mail or whatever, you're bound to draw in a few curious people willing to take a look.

  2. Sounds like good advice. I just can't figure out how some videos get literally millions of hits within a couple of days.

    From a sustainable business aspect, its unrealistic to hope for/expect that number. But a site with videos getting 50,000 hits a week is realistic. Or am I wrong? I'm trying to reach a critical mass of viewers that would make advertising, product placement and merchandising worth while.

  3. email the link to as many people as possible OUTSIDE the entertainment industry. Wider range and they will mass e-mail it and so on, and so on...

  4. There are people "outside" the entertainment industry???


    Thanks! I try this.

  5. That should be, "I'LL try this."
    (You'd never know that I actually speak English.)

  6. I'll be honest Steve and say that this is something that just can't be 'made' to happen and it seems to me attempting to make it happen will only make it more difficult. It kind of feels like attempting to "invent" spontaneity, like when someone stages a funny (supposedly un-orchestrated) scenario to get a shot on America's Funniest Home Videos or some such. I'll be honest and say that the entire Zombie babies concept feels contrived and a little weak to my sensibilities. It feels as though it's going for a cutting-edge shock thing but in my opinion (only my opinion) is about as cutting edge as my Grandpa's record collection. Maybe I'm missing the point, and please don't think I'm trolling for trouble here, I've been following your blog for a while with interest and wish no ill to you or your brainchild. In my opinion the entire concept is, dare I say it... corny, and attempting to create a viral sensation out of sheer hustle and will, without much in the way of compelling content, will likely result in failure. It's easy for one like me to armchair QB from the sidelines. I commend you very much for actually producing something (even if I don't see a ton of redeeming value in it ultimately). I'm sure you don't hesitate to give honest feedback to those who request it and I hope you'll take this feedback in the spirit it's intended. Best of luck

  7. Hey, you're entitled to your opinion. And don't worry, you're not alone. I heard that a lot - when I was getting Freaky Stories up and running.
    Thanks for the honest feedback.

    Now let me ask you - what would you want to see Zombie Babies be like? I'm trying to do something that hasn't been done before, for a younger audience.

  8. A bit of shameless self promotion, while I'm at it. Why don't you join our ZOMBIE BABIES Facebook Fan Page at:

    Getting back to our Anonymous friend's post:

    #1) If you're reading and/or responding to this blog, you are either in, or aspiring to be in Showbiz - so your views are not those of the intended audience. "Real people" (like the guy who wrote a nice note from New Zealand yesterday) 'get' and like the show.

    #2) Yes. I'm trying to create a cultural sensation out of sheer hustle. There's a long history of that. It's called "Showbiz". And no, I will not apologize for that. The intended purpose of Zombie Babies is to make money. Ideally, lots of it. And again, I will not apologize for that either.

    #3) Content: Simply, "What can I produce with my own assets?" No funding agencies. No broadcasters. Nobody telling me what I can or can't do. This equals total ownership of the property so that when and if it generates value, my team is in control and will reap the benefits.

    #4) Redeeming Value?
    - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
    - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    - Brain Eatin' Zombie Babies.

    You just never know...

  9. Yes, but Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have story and plot. BEZB seems to just be the same commercial over and over. Maybe you can make them run a little longer, like 2-5 minutes. No one would tune-in regularly to watch a Bugs Bunny cartoon if it was just 15 seconds long. Even if it's just gags, we need to know the characters, but we don't know any of your BEZB characters at all.

  10. Interesting observation. Thanks.

    There is a learning curve when dealing with puppet - such as "what can they and can't they do?" Trust me - puppets are a lot of fun, but very problematic to work with.

    Now that we have a better idea of their physical capabilities + as well as what the audience wants, we are producing longer videos with more character development. They should be online shortly.

    As far as "knowing" the BEZB characters - while your comment about Bugs Bunny might be valid, "Road Runner" was a long-running series with no character development. All the bird did was run and eat... ...and go "Beep Beep". He/she/it was always happy, never sad, perplexed,etc. Likewise the Coyote was either devious or frustrated. We never found out why he kept chasing this one particular road runner when with his smarts, there would have been easier prey. It was a series based on one joke - and a successful one at that. There are probably others but Road Runner is the first that comes to mind.

  11. I say go for it but at this stage focus on the quality. Try to find out what makes this special. TMNT and Power Rangers have some kind unique and appealing whether its the inane music in power rangers or the fact the turtles eat pizza and live in the sewer which makes no sense at all but who cares.

    Make people wonder while entertaining them at the same time. I think the show could be really good but improve the quality with each episode. You already have the chops.

  12. Well, we are making little tweaks with each one. The feedback came in that the babies needed to be cuter. Until we can get new puppet bases made, we're dropping the blue baby. The big one got a makeover and the tiny baby has eyelashes. Small tweaks but they provide more contrast between the cute baby and the gross mayhem that she causes.

    Like I said, it's a learning process. The first Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse cartoons didn't show them with the personalities that we recognize today.

  13. But enough criticism of the show itself. Back to the topic at hand:


    IDEAS, people. We need more ideas!