Wednesday, October 6, 2010

There's a Big, BIG World Out There!

Well, ask and ye shall receive...

Travis Gordon, creator of the very successful Web-Show SPELL FURY was kind enough to give me a quick tutorial on the ins and outs of generating maximum web traffic for Zombie Babies. In return, I've passed along some marketing info and business contacts. It looks like Travis and I can do some serious business. In the meantime, be sure to check out his excellent and very highly rated show SPELL FURY.

Quid pro quo, Clarice... Quid pro quo...


  1. So you're gonna give BEZB sex appeal?

  2. By "sex appeal", you mean 'skin'? Sorry, we're not going to add much more than it already has.

    The show was intended for a target audience of girls aged 12 to 15. This is the same audience for "Emily the Strange". Adding "sex appeal" wouldn't fit with the show's strategy.

    Also, our plans are to find advertisers and sponsors for the program. Keeping it squeaky clean - with barely a wink of naughtiness is the only way to make it acceptable to major brands.

    I made a 'naughty' film a couple of years ago. It was an uncomfortable experience and one that I won't repeat. Looking back on it, what was I thinking?

    Furthermore, there is a plethora of free porn on the web. I'm not interested in getting into that business. I'm sure you can find your "sex appeal" elsewhere.

  3. man that sounds really cool. Congrats