Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Official Freaky Stories Facebook Fan Page

I've launched THE OFFICIAL FREAKY STORIES fan page on Facebook.
If you're a Facebook member please remember to "like" the link and join the group.

I'm going to load everything that I have onto it:
  • scripts,
  • links to videos,
  • behind the scenes photos,
  • character designs,
  • color models,
  • background keys,
  • layouts,
  • storyboards...

You name it - if it exists, it will be on the site. This is the perfect way for any student or fan of animation to examine all the elements that go into the making of a TV series.

This is a site made by the creator of the show, for its fans. Its not a fanboy site. It's the real thing. If you have any questions about Freaky, send me a note care of The Official Freaky Stories Fan Page.


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