Friday, October 8, 2010


THE PITCH BIBLE BLOG is One Year Old Today!
  • 88 posts.
  • 6,556 site visits.
  • 12,787 page visits
  • 5 bibles commissioned.
  • 1 development deal.
All in all - a pretty good year!
Thanks Everyone!
Stay tuned. There's more to come...


  1. Hey Steve, have you ever checked out, its a website where people donate money to fund projects just like yours.

  2. Hi Demetre,
    Yes, I've looked into Unfortunately (at the moment) they only finance projects that are U.S. based - that is, you have to have a bank account at an American Bank.

    Yes, its easy enough to slip over the boarder and start an account, but I've found a better, faster way to raise money...

  3. Is it something that you can't share with the audience?

  4. Hi Demetre,
    It's something that I can't share at this time.

    Look at it this way, I brought a life-sized puppet to The Toronto Zombie Walk on Saturday (to promote Zombie Babies). In the 8 years they've been running The Zombie Walk, with attendance of 5000+ - NOBODY before me, thought of building a puppet. Next year, there will be 25 puppets. Same thing here, I want to stay one step ahead of the competition - although I know how to build a better puppet for next year...