Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Two-Page Pitch Document

The growing trend has been to create a Two-Page pitch document. The Two-Pager is brought to the meeting and used/referred to, during the pitch. The complete pitch bible is used as a 'leave behind', so that the broadcast or development executive can report on the meeting to their bosses.

Here are some thoughts, having recently completed a few Pitch Bibles and Two-Pagers:

If it's a high concept project - SNAKES ON A PLANE!!! - they're either going to buy into it, or they won't - the Two-Pager isn't necessary. They'll either get it or not. And if they don't get the concept - the Two-Pager ain't gonna help.

Write the Two-Pager LAST. Refine your concept. Make the Bible as perfect as you possibly can. Then extract the essence - the core of it, into your Two-Pager.

A "Two-Pager" means exactly that. Two Pages. And a cover - which technically makes 'three pages'. That is, unless the two pager needs and extra half-page (and the cover) which means FOUR pages. But never, ever let your Two-Pager exceed four pages - because then you're into a mini-bible. Are we confused yet?

What did William Goldman say about 'nobody knowing anything?'

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