Wednesday, February 16, 2011


After speaking to (and being rejected by) several publishers - Sorry folks. I don't want to write "A Beginner's Guide to Pitching TV Shows". I assume that my readers have some skill and talent as writers, otherwise they wouldn't be reading this blog. - I've decided to publish an E-Book on the subject of Pitching and Pitch Bibles.

Think of it as "The Pitch Bible Bible". It will tell you everything - and I mean EVERYTHING you need to know about writing a pitch bible and pitching shows. To be honest, I hold about 15 to 20% back from the info on this blog. That's the added value that I provide my clients and now it will be available to the readers of my new E-Book.

"So, Steve...", you say... "What's in this new book that we can't find on your blog?"
It'll be chock full of way-cool secret information, like:
  • How do you get past the Gate Keepers and speak directly to the decision makers?
  • This is the 21st century. How do you add cross-platform media into your pitch in a meaningful way?
  • How do you create living breathing characters in a 2 page pitch document?
Basically, its the difference between getting a development deal - and not getting a development deal.

When's the book coming out? Not sure - but it's in the works as a high priority item.

The price? Cheap. Million dollar insider info for less than a pack of ciggies.


  1. Will it cover 'How to arrange a meeting with Jeffery Katzenberg?' :)

  2. Yes. I have a method that I've used many times. It gets you past the gatekeepers and right into the executive suite.

    But you'll need 2 things to pull it off successfully:

    1) The set of balls to do it.

    2) The right material. Because if you waste Jeffery Katzenberg's time, you'll never get in that door again.