Friday, August 5, 2011

Two Routes to Sucess

I spoke recently with a very successful entertainment entrepreneur, asking (yes - I interview people asking for the secrets to their success - which they usually provide) - about how to produce a successful new show.

His answer: "Do something original. Or do something that's been done before - only do it better."

Let's examine that. Do something original. That's a tough one. I'll be honest - Original is a hard sell, because people have no idea what you're talking about. They've never seen it before, so you probably have to create it - and then sell it. Of course, they'll still have no idea what it is.

I ran into this problem with Freaky Stories. I produced 3 pilots (limited animation, graphics, etc.) and it took many years to get the show into production because the powers that be, didn't grasp the concept.

Here's a brilliant example of something original. It's simple - One guy singing a song - yet has huge "WOW" factor - because it's done in a completely novel way. And brilliantly produced.

Here's something that's been done before: STOP MOTION ANIMATION - but done brilliantly. Two examples from Sumo Science(Ed Patterson and Will Studd). The first, "DOT" is the smallest Stop Motion film set ever made.

Next, "GULP" uses the largest Stop Motion setup ever done.

In both cases, the filmmakers were able to rethink a conventional idea and use it to attract attention and financial backing to their very successful projects. Its nothing that hasn't been done before from a content point of view - just very well and in a new way.

Also - the scale of the projects fit perfectly with the content of the films.

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