Sunday, February 14, 2010

Words of Wisdom from Chuck Lorre

Chuck Lorre is one of my heroes. Aside from creating "BIG BANG THEORY", he uses his vanity cards to tell us what's on his mind.

He also wrote a brilliant piece for "Written By" magazine, the official rag of the Writer's Guild of America that explains, step by step - how to create a hit TV sitcom. I can vouch from my own experience this this is absolutely true and accurate advice.

You can find the link HERE.

Chuck - if you read this. Hire me. I'm a genius.

Addendum: Our pal Murray Bain sends this way cool - but also VERY TRUE VIDEO.
My experience with Freaky Stories was completely opposite to any of this. It was a really good but long startup. My post Freaky experience is accurately portrayed.


  1. OMG! Classic piece of writing!

    Thanks for sharing Steve.

    Will try and watch the vid later...Ray