Monday, July 5, 2010


Further to my last post - another thing to consider is whether your new partners will be "network approved".

What is "network approved"? you ask.

The network, broadcaster, distributor or production company is paying for your production. Face it - somebody has to pay for it, or it doesn't get made. Their big concern (because of schedules, advertising revenue, etc.) are the "Deliverables" - the material which you as the producer are supposed to provide to them in a timely manner.

Clear so far? They give you money - you give them the program. Okay. Let's move on.

They (let's call them "The Network") need to have a level of comfort, in that you and your team can deliver The Deliverables to them, on time and on budget. How does The Network do this?

For one - they usually insist that your team is "Network Approved". They have to know your players. You might not have to be Network Approved. You're the creator - so you're in. But you will most likely have to partner with someone who has demonstrated experience by working on a show in the past. And this can be a deal breaker. The Network absolutely needs this.

Here's the thing. If you're free and clear - and The Network insists that you partner with Producer John Smith (and you like John Smith's work) - you're in good shape. If on the other hand, you've got Eddie, your best pal from high school, locked in contractually as Producer - then you have problems. Because The Network doesn't know Eddie (assuming that Eddie is from outside the biz - if he's experienced - GREAT - otherwise not-so-great). And if they don't know Eddie or his work, there is no level of comfort that he (and by extension, you) can deliver the show. They don't want people who are 'learning on the job' to be running the show.

Make sense? Entourage makes for great TV. Hiring your best buddies works fine if you're an A-List actor, producer or director. But for those of us in the trenches - not a good thing. Fun show though...

PLEASE NOTE - The "No Bullsh*tting Here" post has been removed for the time being. A troll has been fixating on it. Time for him to move on. It will be reposted sometime in the future.

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