Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yabba Dabba DON'T!!!

NOT SAFE FOR WORK - Rude content. Sorry if you're offended.

Okay. A frank discussion. Someone asked today, what I thought of his pitch/demo.
Not to spend much time on it - it was "The Flintstones with dick jokes". The jokes weren't overly funny and the dick jokes... well, they were dick jokes. Now if the writing had been funny - and the animation well done, that would have been another story. But this was mediocre humor and art, relying on dubious shock value to carry it.

That's not to say that some low rent humor isn't very well done. It's a genre. Its a style - and like everything else in life -- 98% of it is worthless. But that 2%. Ooh... that sweet 2%. That's what's worth living for.

But this wasn't that sweet 2%.

So getting back to a show about dick jokes. A couple of questions: Who is the audience? and Where are you going to sell it? Well, the audience is guys. Probably 14 to 35 is my guess. But it will be only guys - because women won't find this material funny for more than one viewing. Nor will they want it on when they're around.

Now comes the bigger problem. Who are you going to sell this to? Because most of the Broadcast Executives are... wait for it... WOMEN. And this will become a very short pitch meeting.

Okay - so if you take the dick jokes out of it - you've got "The Flintstones" - but that's been done... about 40 years ago and much better.

Sometimes an idea just isn't a GOOD idea.

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