Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Before You Take That Meeting...

Before you take that meeting, whether it be at a Market, at a Production Company or for that "$2,000 cup of coffee" -- Google 'em.

Find out about that person sitting across the desk from you. What do they like? What have they done in the past? Where have they worked? Friends in common? Enemies in common? Know who you're talking to - because if you don't take the time to find out, you're an idiot - and they'll know you're an idiot - because I can guarantee that they've Googled you.

And another thing...

The pitch meeting has gone well. You like the other person. They like you.

DON'T "Friend" them on Facebook.

Keep your interactions with them strictly professional. These important new business associates don't need to see the cute pictures of your dog. They don't need to see your new tattoo ("My... that IS an interesting location for a tattoo..."). And they don't need to see the photos from your drunken party on Saturday night.

And make sure that your Facebook info/pictures/etc. are visible to "friends" only. Because you know that they're going to "Google" you. You guys Google me, right?


  1. I've googled you many times, aha. You're one famous writer!

  2. Thanks, Mom!

    Seriously, there is a line between Googling and stalking. Ick. Ick. You're creepy!

  3. Aha Steve! I'm no mommy of yours. ;-)

    I think you're a excellent writer though - When I do google you, love watching your film sample - amazing!

  4. What you sayin' about my Mama...?