Thursday, March 31, 2011

Selecting the Right Medium for Your Project

Teens at the Mall. As animation? I just don't get it.

I've always believed that if you can do it in live action - then do it in live action. Animation in whatever style should be used to show things that can't possibly happen in real life.

King Kong? Superman? A flying 10 year-old girl from outer space? Sure! That makes sense to me. But teens hanging out at the mall? At best, it's 'talking heads' - which we all know makes for great, compelling stories - NOT!

When you are developing your pitch, you should seek out the BEST medium or technique in which to tell your story. Case in point: When I developed my ROCKET RODENTS show (which never saw the light of day, despite a LOT of interest from multiple broadcasters worldwide), I explored many ways of producing it.

I shot a live action version with talking guinea pigs. It was hilarious, bizarre and I learned just how badly guinea pigs smell. Here's a short clip.

We explored the possibility of animating the show in Stop Motion.

This brilliant sculpt by an artist at the Cuppa Coffee studios in Toronto was, I felt, the closest that we came to realizing the characters' comic potential. For a variety of other reasons including production cost, we went with 2D Flash designs.

The point is, there was and should be exploration to find the right medium and technique that best suits the project.

As for teens in the mall - If it can be done in live action - do it in live action.

I'd rather look at a pretty "real" girl than a cartoon girl, any day.

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