Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Mark Mayerson's always excellent blog, MAYERSON ON ANIMATION has a brilliant piece on the benefits of owning your intellectual property.

While I don't agree with everything Mark writes on this topic (pitching shows IS faster and easier than creating and building an audience for an original property in another medium), when the man's right - he's right.

Also, BONE's Jeff Smith as Mark writes - is a one-trick pony. He's only got the one (now two) properties, so he was right to guard them, mine them and make them grow. Jack Kirby on the other hand was prolific. If he'd had the foresight to look after his affairs properly - whether he worked in tandem with publishers and producers - or went the independent route, he would have been much better off. The key is to know the business. Know your options.

Jeff Smith was able to find an audience for BONE. There are many independent creators who have not found their audience despite the quality of their productions. In that case, they'd be better off pitching.

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