Monday, June 14, 2010

Agents? Do You Need An Agent?

I'm often asked this. The answer is: It depends.

Disclaimer - I just dropped my representation this past week. My agent is a nice lady, who I like - but wasn't doing enough for me. When a project came in, she'd negotiated a better deal than I could ever imagine - but as far as setting up deals, meetings, etc. - she wasn't so good at that.

Not that I'm faulting her. I've checked with a number of associates and I always hear the same thing - agents don't do much. But they will be happy to take 10% of whatever you earn.

This makes the 4th agent in the past 15 years. And they all seem to be cut from the same cloth.

In this day and age - an agent needs to be aggressive. There is work out there. There are opportunities out there. It's the agent's job to sell you and your project - to find the work and create the opportunities.

If you find an agent who knows how to use the phone - and can set up meetings for you - GREAT! Otherwise, you're probably better off on your own.

How do you find an agent - ask around. Get referrals. Oddly enough, most agents won't take you unless you're referred to them by one of their existing clients. But don't be "needy" - you're in charge. Find out if they're the right agent for you.

And if you find that magical agent who actually does something - let me know. I'd want to meet them.

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