Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Satisfied Customer...

Well, we've finished yet another Pitch Bible for a very satisfied customer.

Let's see what the mailbag sez. Ivan in California writes:

Hello Steve,
Yeah! Looks like we can put this one to bed. Thanks a mil for allowing me to make payments. You were very patient.
The bible is great. I will keep you posted on any developments. I am going to act as my own agent until I can land one. If I come across any interested parties and don't understand something, may I call you for advice? I know that you are experienced in this area.
Thanks so much,

That's what I like to hear - a satisfied customer and a new friend.


  1. Hey steve have you ever heard of a company like Platinum studios, if so what do you think about them?

  2. I don't know Platinum Studios or their work. Can't help you specifically on this.

    But most studios are the same. The kinds of people who are drawn to a particular industry or job do so for a reason. So no matter where you go, there's the "artiste - who thinks he's too good for the work", "the angry director", "the wheeler-dealer producer". You see them all the time. Same characters, different names.

    So why should Platinum be any different?

  3. Platinum is a studio that buys the rights to comic books and then makes deals with movie producers to make them into movies. They have ahuge inventory of comic book rights and I wanted to know what kind of reputation they have.

  4. I've never met the people at Platinum Studios or had any dealings with them. Your best bet would be to find someone who has and ask them.

    Quickly checking in - I see that Platinum Studios had a show in production "Jerimiah" - from 2002 through 2004, and they have projects on their slate to come out in 2011. Possibly worth a look.

  5. Did more checking - Platinum Studio's "Cowboys and Aliens" starring Harrison Ford. Okay. These guys are major players. Realistically, unless you have an established property, they probably won't want to hear from you.

    Or not. What do I know? I'd certainly talk to them.