Thursday, January 20, 2011

Even MORE From The Mailbag

I love it when I get mail. It lets me know that someone other than my Mother is reading this blog. Well, that and my Sitemeter...

Anyhow, a Reader writes...

I'm working on a medical drama. When writing the treatment (<-- probably means Pitch Bible), must I include every medical mystery that will appear in each episode, or do I just write the main story lines? The series not only focuses on the medical side, but the personal lives of the main characters too.

Good question! If it were me, I'd only give a 'taste' of the medical mysteries.
Look at "House" for example. He's based on Sherlock Holmes (speaking of mysteries).
The medical mysteries in that show are SECONDARY to the characters relationships.
Focus on the main storylines.

Wait! There's another question!!!

Should you include a pilot with your Pitch Bible?

It can go either way. If I'm writing a comedy - pitch bibles, while they can be humorous - aren't especially funny. If I want to capture the feeling of the show and give a sense of the characters' dialogue, then yes - I'd include a pilot script.
Pilot films can be tricky. They're done (by necessity) on a low budget and despite all the 'explaining' that you'd do for the buyers - a surprising number people might not get your idea.
I've had pilot films work both ways for me. In one case, it absolutely sold the show. In the other case, it shut the project down dead.

Hope this helps!

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