Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Letters Keep On Coming...!

More from the Mail Bag:

I've been asked about specific formats, type fonts and bindings + anything else you can think of.

Should you call your group of protagonists, "The Heroes", The Colleagues" or "The Friends"?
Do you need to include 13, 24 or 36 story springboards? How long should they be? Should there be a pilot film or would a script do?


It all comes down to a GREAT IDEA and a Great Pitch.

If you can snag them with something that makes them sit up and say, "WOW!" - then you've got a winner. Then the font you use, or the binding you've selected won't make a bit of difference.

In the end, its the great idea that counts.

And being in the right place at the right time with that great idea.

And being able to convince the buyers that you not only have the vision, but the skill and professionalism to deliver that Great Idea on schedule and on budget.

And being able to... What type font did you say you were using???

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