Friday, January 28, 2011

More BEZB's...

More on the ongoing BRAIN EATIN' ZOMBIE BABIES project...

To increase the volume of traffic to the YouTube Channel, the collective braintrust suggests that I post more frequently and provide exclusive content - not found anywhere else.

In response to this, we've taped an interview with Alyson Court. Her voice is featured in the upcoming RESIDENT EVIL: MERCENARIES 3D video game. She plays the popular character Claire Redfield, for the uninitiated.

The interview has been divided into 4 parts: Her early years, How she got the role of Claire Redfield, All about Resident Evil and other projects (including BEZB's). The first part of the interview is now online (see above). We expect to post a new portion every week, for the next 4 weeks. Beyond that, we have several new BEZB episodes in the can - as well as some interesting vintage Behind the Scenes material from FREAKY STORIES.

If posting frequently and unique, original material is a way to draw traffic, we'll know very shortly.

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